Camphor Acne Skin Cleanser

Camphor Acne Skin Cleanser
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Product Description

Camphor Souffle is a facial cleanser recommended for normal to oily and problem skin. It is excellent for oily, acne and blemished skin. It removes dead cell from your skin, impurities and cleanse black heads. It promote anti-bacterial activity and gives you clear and smooth complexion. This smooth facial cream helps to cleanse and rejuvenate oily and acne skin. It contain Aloe Vera which is great for moisturizing. It has antimicrobial properties that kill bacteria and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin inflammation. A few herbal extracts have antibacterial, antioxidant, and tonic properties. Lavender is an excellent antibacterial and anti-oxidant agent. Use once or twice daily, massage onto the skin and rinse with tepid water. 4 oz.