Instant Face-Line Lift

Instant Face-Line Lift
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Product Description

This is instant face lift works like a Botox for a few hours. Dot it before you leave the house. The Face-Line Lift is a two parts facial rejuvenation system it helps to smooth and lift wrinkles instantly. It also contains concentrated active Multi-Peptides for long term benefits.

1. Micro-Tensing Serum, tightening wheat and seaweed provide immediate lifting action for a firmer skin appearance. 2. Moisture Infusion Cream. It contains Ginseng extract and Multi-Vitamins which helps to smooth and tighten the skin. it helps to improve the appearance of fine lines.

Directions: Clean and dry your skin. Apply a thin layer of the serum (part 1 ) onto the targeted area in need of lifting or the entire face. Avoid the hair, eye brows, and eye lids. Allow 2-3 minutes for it to dry . You will fill lifting and firming sensation. Apply moisturizer (part 2) to the entire face.Let the cream absorb (about 1 minute). Then you can apply make up.