Lifting Anti-Aging Elixir

Lifting Anti-Aging Elixir
Item# 555

Product Description

Lifting Elixir is an excellent skin firming, and lifting treatment. It combines advanced anti-aging Vitamins, lifting seaweed and moisture binding Hyaluronic Acid. Multi-peptides help to reduce the intensity and frequency of muscle contractions. This assists in preventing and improving the appearance and depth of fine lines caused by facial expression. It improves Collagen and Elastin production and reduces the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Especially effective around eyes, forehead and upper lips and neck. This advanced, silky treatment combines pure essential oils with active anti-aging and skin lifting ingredients. You can add a few drops into facial creams and masks immediately prior to skin application. Recommended for young or mature skin and skin showing the first signs of aging /not for problem skin types/.

1 fl oz